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Congenital Heart Disease ECHO Workshops at KACC,

Saudi Arabia*



Dr. Riyadh Mahdi Abu-Sulaiman

These workshops series are  unique experience in the field of ECHO for congenital heart disease started on 2004, the main focus are the following:

  1. Basis for the  understanding of the anatomical structure of the heart

  2. Echocardiographic details and  features of both the normal heart and a range of simple and complex  congenital heart problems

  3. Impact  of echocardiography on interventional  and surgical decision making will be an integral part of the meeting

  4. Pediatric Echo lab setup

  5. New Doppler techniques such as strain, strain rate, twist and torsion Stress Echocardiography

  6. Intracardiac Ultrasound

  7. And much more.......

Workshop Director:

Riyadh Mahdi Abu-Sulaiman



Scientific Committee:

Fahad Al-Habshan MD, FESC

Ahmed Omran MD, FASE

Abdulmajeed Al-Otay, MD

Abdo Khatabi, MD

Mohammed Ghamdi, MD

*King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center - King Abdulaziz Medical City - National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia.

Annual Congenital Heart Disease Workshops 
Since 2004

My daughter Aseel 3 yrs

With Sir Magdy Yaqoub, Italy

Group Picture 6th. workshop

Drawing by My Son Suhaib 13 yrs